Exile Voice​

An Open Forum for Tibetans Living
in Exile

Exile Voice


Enhancing our comprehension of the harsh reality of Tibetan Diaspora through shared experience, disclosure of information, unveiling the bitter truths of our exiled community, and re-evaluation of historical narratives.

Exile Voice


Heightening societal awareness and broadening collective knowledge of our Tibetan community by illuminating the unrecognized, untold, unheralded- Shedding light on the plights of the voiceless, suppressed, and overlooked.

Exile Voice


Encouraging constructive criticism and foster thoughtful insights related to Tibet and Tibetan people by creating a safe and inclusive environment for the exchange of hard facts and diverse opinions.



The “Exile Voice” is a collective representation of the voices of all Tibetan individuals living in exile, intended to empower those who are voiceless. It serves as an open forum for Tibetans living in exile to collaboratively contribute and support their community, promote awareness among their people, learn from others, debunk false claims and misinformation, and generously extend assistance to those in need through their talents and time. We warmly invite you to join us on this enlightening journey by participating in our online space. To get in touch, contribute, or collaborate, please follow the social media link provided or contact us via the email address.


Have any questions? We are always open to discussing your ideas, insights, opinions, and how we can help you.