16th & 17th Tibetan Parliament in-Exile | Bulls of Autocracy

Bulls of Autocracy

In a realm where democracy’s lost its gleam,
And freedom’s hope feels like a fading dream,
Dirty politicians, fierce and proud,
Like bulls they roam, power their shroud.

TibetanIn exile, they stand with no land to claim,
Yet claim independence, in ego’s name,
Uneducated, they lean on others’ aid,
Their pride like mountains, never to fade.

In this undemocratic, shadowed place,
Politicians charge, a wild, disgraceful race,
Their horns of greed, corruption’s deceit,
Pierce justice’s heart, bitter and fleet.

They graze upon fields of our despair,
Trample rights with an uncaring air,
Their hooves of tyranny leave scars, we find,
A scarlet path of chaos, undefined.

Their rhetoric bellows, a deafening roar,
Drowning cries of those they should adore,
For in their minds, people matter not,
As they bulldoze through democracy’s sacred lot.

In unity, we’ll stand, strong and wide,
Guided by justice, love, hope as our guide,
Though the bulls may rage, with all their might,
We’ll champion freedom, in the darkest night.

2 thoughts on “16th & 17th Tibetan Parliament in-Exile | Bulls of Autocracy”

  1. Brilliant! as per the current situation. I actually had the bitter taste of loss (Tibet in 1959 ) when people actually fled Tibet those days. seeing us falling apart from all side because of some strong hot heads who are least bother about circumstance, words and actions that made us hue and cry this time was upsetting, discouraging and disappointing yet I am hopeful that our brothers and sisters will come together along with the time. Perhaps it could be the darkest before the dawn and it’s just a matter of time . Thank you for sharing the beautiful “Poem”


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