Democracy and Responsibility


Democracy and Responsibility Introduction-

“Lungmar” is a Tibetan term that transliterates to “storm” in English. A Tibetan individual chose this as his username, and consciously recognized the intricate challenges that exist within our democratic legal system. He bravely spoke up about these issues (Democracy and Responsibility). It is admirable to witness a segment of Tibetan youth who actively engage in political awareness and do not dismiss it as nonsensical.

As Tibet’s youth, it is our responsibility during this critical period to step out of our comfort zones and lead our community towards a better understanding of democracy and responsibility. We have access to ample resources from our elders and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, who offer invaluable perspectives on how to navigate various situations and predict their outcomes based on scientific reasoning and profound insights. All of this must be approached with genuine motivation and a lofty aspiration for a better world.

The subsequent paragraph is the English translation of a Tibetan text authored by “Lungmar” on his social media account. This image and its translation are presented with his express permission, and the “Exile Voice” team does not harbor any ulterior motives beyond raising awareness among our community and fostering a sense of Tibetan identity.

The English Translation of the Tibetan Text Authored by LungMar on Democracy And Responsibility-

As the system of democracy represents an exceptionally sophisticated legal management structure, a deep sense of commitment to social welfare and individual responsibility is undeniably imperative. Such a commitment entails forsaking all forms of self-centered and unwholesome behavior, renouncing any sense of self-superiority, even if one’s intellect surpasses that of the gods, and behaving as a humble human being. It is also highly commendable to aspire to develop one’s intellectual skills for the betterment of the community. While freedom, equality, rights, honesty, and privacy are frequently discussed, the fundamental essence of democracy lies in respecting and cherishing one’s government’s legal system. While it is undoubtedly beneficial to gather and unite the best of what is available, it is crucial to overcome any sense of being imprisoned by suffering.


In conclusion, the intricate system of democracy necessitates not only a sophisticated legal framework but also a profound commitment to social welfare and individual responsibility. It calls for the abandonment of self-centered behavior, the renouncement of any sense of superiority, and the embrace of humility. Additionally, the development of intellectual skills for the betterment of the community is highly laudable. While concepts such as freedom, equality, and rights are important, the core essence of democracy lies in respecting and cherishing the government’s legal system. It is crucial to overcome any sense of confinement and strive to unite the best resources available. By embodying these principles, we can truly embrace the democratic ideals of justice, fairness, and collective progress.

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  1. I am encouraged and inspire from each one of the youth and whoever show their attention when comes to call like unity, tibetnism, one’s originality and standing the ground for truth and confront the situation with the boldness of what come may is extremely touching deep down to my soul . the kind of spirit , wakes up many of us from the deep, or half sleep is so important because this is our voice towards every individual’s for their responsibilities towards mankind that is Humanity, Oneness, Kind and Compassion. please keep writing and inspire others too.

  2. Thanks you for sharing my points on your Exile voice . We save our precious democracy and keep doing individual’s responsibilities. Stand up for truth , justice and constitutional democracy. 🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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